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Wellcome in our leisure and culture club “Mehr Leben, Mas Vida, More Life, Lev Mer” in Grand Canary!

Because here in Grand Canary many different people come together, the club should serve on international level as „Tagoror“ (Tagoror was known by the Canarii native inhabitants, the Guanchen, as a meeting place and sports field for important meetings and sporting events) und thereby as information and contact platform. Members of various countries talking with each other can exchange personal and historical experiences on common events and tours.

The club does not aim to be “perfect”, rather more he aims to be “simple”, „solid“ and „earthy“ to have also time for “harmony”.

The club will try with its activities to help people to get back again there personal harmony or just get it preserved. Its are often the small things on this world that give us harmony. For example the nature with all its diversity, be it the ocean with its breakers, the salty smell and taste and its blaze of colour from deep blue to turquoise. Or to have just fun by play and sport, not caring who wins following the former Olympic motto “To be there is all”. By walking for example you can the nature not only see, but also feel, smell, taste and hear. By this all sense are activated. This combination of physical motion and activation of sense crates the harmony and satisfaction. This harmony together with other people to create and to live is one of the aims of the club.

Also general and social subjects should find there place here. For example: nature, environment, technology, feeding, research and health.

Many people are ill or arte discontented because body, soul, and spirit are not in harmony. Thereby much energy is wasted which the human immune system may miss later to protect against ills.

  „Harmony” is the solution.

By harmonic balance many of our problems can be solved so that they can be on the loose. Only since then harmony can come into being.

The club membership is free, there is only a SINGLE club entrence fee of 5.00 Euros for adults. For more information about the activities of the club see the pages “club activities” and the other pages.

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